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Από: Μαράντης Αθανάσιος, στις 09-12-2017:
This Christmas song is composed by the Greek composer Manos Hadjidakis and writen by the American Poet Cliff Richard. Hadjidakis composed it on Fridey the 15th of November 1968 when was autoexited to New York without be recorded here in Greece then because we had tyrannie. On Mondey the 22nd of December 1975 published in 45 turns record with the song Silent Niught at the other side sung by George Dallaras and Haris Alexiou to the 2nd voices translated in Greek by Nicos Gatsos. But the censorship did n' t less this song to make succes and the 45 turns record was withdrawn definite on Thursday the 8th of January 1976.
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