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Τσώλης Λάκης
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Lakis Tsolis was a Greek poet. He was born in December 1935 in the village Stefani located in Preveza, Greece and died in Athens in 2006. He started writing lyrics after the loss of his mother. After his marriage, he lived permanently in Athens. He has three daughters and worked for the postal services, but in parallel he sought out his dreams. 937383 (Apostolis Kaldaras) made his dream come true, and the song "Enas Alitis Omorfos" sung by 939448 (Polly Panou) in 1961 was published, and he began his writing career. In addition to this, 939408's song "Tou Votanikou o Maggas" (1963), became one of Tsolis' biggest successes. Finally, he worked with many Greek composers and singers and never quit writing until his death.
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