Πίσσα Και Πούπουλα

Πίσσα Και Πούπουλα
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Hardcore/Punk band formed in Winter 1987 in Thessaloniki, Greece. They started playing as "Τα Παιδιά Της Τερηδόνας". On 20/1/1990 they performed live at Φιλοσοφική Σχολή (Thessaloniki), along with 'Τρύπες', 'Last Drive' & 'Deus Ex Machina (5)'. On 14/12/1991, they performed live at ΑΣΟΕΕ of Athens, along with 'Ναυτία', 'ΑΝΤΙ...' & 'Deus Ex Machina (5)'. On 9/4/1994 they performed live at Villa Amalias (Athens) along with 'Απολίτιστοι', 'Γιώργος Τσίγκος & Οι Μαύροι Κύκλοι' & 'Ψύχωση'. They disbanded in 1995. In 1997, Victor, Petros & Kostas reunited under the name 'Περασμένες Μου Αγάπες' for one and only performance at Viologiko in Thessaloniki. Members: Βαγγέλης Πανταζής (Vagelis Pantazis) - Guitar Βασίλης Σακελλαρόπουλος (Vasilis Sakellaropoulos) - Drums
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