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Mikro - Discogs
Δημ.: 1998
Δισκογραφία (Discogs)
Δισκογραφία (MusicBrainz)
Mikro are: Nikonn > programming,synths,vocals John Lefkaditis > guitars, bass, saxophone, synths Chloe Ann > vocals, synths 5irc > drums & pads MIKRO formed 1997 in Thessaloniki/Greece by Nick Bitzenis (aka nikonn) and John Lefkaditis. They are a four member electronic band with electro/pop/indie dance sound. They released 8 studio albums,2 soundtracks,a lot of CD and digital singles and remixes. Their latest album "New" released on April 2014 by UNDO records. MIKRO lives are a mix of MIKRO's songs combined with loops,other songs,remixes and video projections creating an up-tempo interactive party feeling. Sites: Mikro Site , Wikipedia
Πηγή: Discogs (➜ Βλέπε: Mikro)

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