Μητροπούλου Κωστούλα

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Μητροπούλου Κωστούλα
Μητροπούλου Κωστούλα - Discogs
Γενν.: 6-5-1933
Πεθ.: 31-1-2004
Δισκογραφία (Discogs)
Δισκογραφία (MusicBrainz)
Kostoula Mitropoulou was an author, playwright and lyricist. Born 6 May 1933 in Piraeus, Greece - Died 31 January 2004 in Athens, Greece. She was awarded the Prose Prize of the Twelve in 1963 for "Πρόσωπα και φιγούρες" (Faces and Figures), the Best Work and Performance Award in 1977 for "Τέσσερις ερημιές" (Four Wildernesses), the First State Short Story Award in 1984 for "Μεγέθυνση" (Magnification) and the European Script Prize Fund 1989 for her screenplay "Το παλαιοπωλείο στην Τσιμισκή" (The Antique Store in Tsimiski street). She was a member of the Writers' Association and the Greek Playwrights' Association.
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