Lorca Federico Garcia

Lorca Federico Garcia
Lorca Federico Garcia - Discogs
Γενν.: 5-6-1898, Φουέντε Βακέρος
Πεθ.: 18-8-1936, Γρανάδα
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Federico García Lorca (5 June 1898 – 19 August 1936) was a Spanish poet, dramatist and theatre director. In 1931, Federico records together with Encarnación López "La Argentinita" five gramophone records of 78 rpm that contained a song on each face, which gives a total of ten songs: "Zorongo Gitano", "Los Cuatro Muleros", "Anda Jaleo", "En El Café de Chinitas", "Las Tres Hojas", "Los Mozos de Monleón", "Los Pelegrinitos", "Nana de Sevilla", "Sevillanas del siglo XVIII" and "Las Morillas de Jaén". The "Argentinita" put the voice, the zapateado and the castanets and Federico accompanies it on the piano. Only in one of them, Anda jaleo, an orchestral accompaniment is heard.The success of these recordings made by the record company "La Voz de su Amo" was immediate and since then these songs are key works of the traditional songbook. He is thought to be one of the many thousands who were 'disappeared' and executed by Nationalists at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.
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