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KollektivA is a Rock band from Athens, Greece. Formed in 2009, the band rose to fame – and respect from the Greek public - due to its consistent effort to continually evolve in all aspects of music production and performance and the will to create music that serves a plethora of purposes socially and politically and not just sheer entertainment. Their subjects include the contemporary global financial situation, work ethics, political elements and figures, concepts such as justice and freedom, surviving in the decline of society, ways to bring about change, etc. KollektivA is different, loud, powerful, optimistic and sweeping, through the dynamic use of music and lyrics, and have managed to succeed in incorporating meaning into rhythm and melody, as well as in satisfying even the most demanding audiences. They have their own identity, something that shows not only in the band's music but also in their interviews. KollektivA use a plethora of elements and methods in order to get as close to perfection as possible, in terms of audiovisual material, special videos, lighting, sound novelties, etc. In general, through the use of postmodern pastiche, they use literature, poetry and art as an inspiration and create contemporary intense musical stories, something that is very unique not only in the Greek market but all over the world. At the same time, though, especially for “The Ballad of Prison”, the recently released album, they are also influenced by these famous concept albums: «The Wall» (Pink Floyd), «American Idiot» (Green Day) and «Operation Mindcrime» (Queensryche). As a group it has been active since the beginning of the new millennium, under a different name. Until now they have already released 2 albums, they have written music and lyrics for theatrical plays, for TV shows, while at the same time they run a fully functional studio where they can professionally record new material with/for their friends and collegues. KollektivA is a band that has collaborated with several other artists who appreciate them not only because of their music but also for their way of thinking.Their second album, “The Ballad of Prison”, has been regarded as a turning point in the band's musical career by notable critics.
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