Κακογιάννης Κώστας

Κακογιάννης Κώστας
Κακογιάννης Κώστας - Discogs
Γενν.: 12-1-1968, Λεμεσός
Δισκογραφία (Discogs)
Δισκογραφία (MusicBrainz)
Cypriot multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, born in Limassol (1968). He studied at music academies in his homeland as well as in America. Wrote theatre music, soundtracks, and studio arrangements. In 1998, he represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, conducting Michael Hadjiyiannis' rendition of 'Genesis'. In the Latin alphabet, his name is alternatively spelled as Costas Cacoyiannis, Costas Cacogiannis, Kostas Kakoyiannis, or Costa Cacoyiannis.
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