D'Alessio Gigi

D'Alessio Gigi
D'Alessio Gigi - Discogs
Γενν.: 24-2-1967, Νάπολη
Δισκογραφία (Discogs)
Δισκογραφία (MusicBrainz)
Italian singer-songwriter and record producer (Naples, 24 February, 1967). Multi-instrumentalist besides singing plays piano, guitar, drums, organ, accordion. Great interpreter of Neapolitan melodic song, after a long ranks performing at weddings began working with his record label G.D.S. in 1992, In his career he has sold over 12 million records, won 1 Diamond and over 100 Platinum Records. Has to his credit over 40 albums and three world tours. In December 2006 is disclosed his relationship with the singer Anna Tatangelo.
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