Σταυρακάκης Μιχάλης

Σταυρακάκης Μιχάλης
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(1928 - 2000) a.k.a. Νιδιώτης [Nidiotis] Cretan artist [Music, Lyrics, Vocals, Poet, Author] Born in 1928 at Anogeia, Mylopotamos, Rethemnos, Crete, Greece. Son of Γιώργης Σταυρακάκης Πανιάς [Panias] , Brother to Μανώλης Σταυρακάκης, Χαράλαμπος [Χαραλάμπης] Σταυρακάκης, Γιάννης Σταυρακάκης, Στέλιος [Στελή] Σταυρακάκης, Λουκία Σταυρακάκη, την Λετίτσια Σταυρακάκη and Μαρία Σταυρακάκη. As a child he helped he father who was a shepherd, his connection with older friend of his father tought him much. He didn't manage to finish school due to the German Holocaust. In 1943 at the age of 15 he joined the resistanse at ΕΠΟΝ Ανωγείων [EPON Anogeia], in 1944 he was arrested and imprisoned, but he managed to escape. In 1950 he was elected council member of the Κτηνοτροφικού συλλόγου Ανωγείων, ha had many incidents and distictions because of his beliefs.. He wrote articles in several newspapers, and published poem collections. Died in July 13, 2000, at the age of 72 years old.
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