Παυλίδης Κώστας

Παυλίδης Κώστας
Παυλίδης Κώστας - Discogs
Γενν.: 4-11-1974, Αθήνα
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Kostas Pavlidis is one of Greece’s most important young gypsy musicians. He was born in Athens, 1974. He expressed a certain passion for music and singing even from his early years. His first appearance on stage was at his 12. He had the great luck to participate in Menelaos Karamaggiolis’ film “ROM” and he also sung the main themes of the movie composed by Nikos Kypourgos. He signed his first contract for a recording at his 15 years under Manos Hadjidakis’ ladel Sirios. He participated in numerous concerts and recorded with many important greek artists of the period. One of the most important releases that he participated in was a collective album entitled “Songs of Greece's Gypsies” (recorded live) with an overwhelming interpretation of the gypsy song “Jastar amenge dur”. His debut album was released in 1994, followed four years later by the -classic by now- collaboration with Antonis Apergis in the album “Forth wings and fly”. He has also selectively participated in albums of some great Greek musicians, lending them his unique voice and interpretations. His most recent release is the album “Starry Night”, a collaboration with Antonis Apergis and Lizeta Kalimeri.As one of the main young representatives of the gypsy culture of Greece, Kostas and his friends try to modernize the greek gypsy music, adding new elements like funk, flamenco, latin and other ethnic sounds in their live appearances.
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