Μπαρμπαρής Γιάννης

Μπαρμπαρής Γιάννης
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Giannis was born in 1987 in Paros and studied at the Department of Traditional Music of Epirus TEI. Apart from being a promising singer and songwriter, he is an excellent violin, lute and guitar player. He has participated in several concerts all over Greece but also to places abroad such as Cyprus and the South African Johannesburg. Several songs of him, have been included in albums of well known singers like Matthew Giannoulis, Maria Nomikou and others. Giannis measures already dozens of successful collaborations with important names of Greek insular, municipal and popular repertoire, and his first album “Erhese kai feugis(Ερχεσαι και φεύγεις)", comes to offer his own artistic contribution to the Greek music.
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