Κασιμάτης Ζαχαρίας

Κασιμάτης Ζαχαρίας
Κασιμάτης Ζαχαρίας - Discogs
Γενν.: 1896
Πεθ.: 1965
Δισκογραφία (Discogs)
Δισκογραφία (MusicBrainz)
Zaharias Kasimatis was born in Smyrna in 1896. He studied music at an early age and in 1916 he was involved in the famous orchestra of Smyrna "Τα Πολιτάκια", playing the mandolin. Later, he replaced the mandolin with the guitar. During the catastrophe of Smyrna he was captured but he managed to escape and come to Greece in 1923. Until his death in 1965, he participated in Smyrneika, folk rembetiko and laika music bands, sometimes as a singer and other times as a guitarist. His first releases were in 1929 at French label [l70230] with 2 songs written by 2267701 ("Το Χασαπάκι" - "Η Αλανιάρα") and at German label [l2294] with song "Αλάνης Μάνας Γιος" written by 1000137. A few years later, he sings compositions by 2208565, 937584 and 2852889, among others. In 1933 1942169 sings his very first composition "Δε Με Τουμπάρεις", while his other compositions were performed by 1828254, 1668080 and others.
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